Monday, February 8, 2016

My seedlings start out about 25-30 per pot. picked in late June, refrigerated about 3 weeks, planted in late July.  Dumped and transplanted in individually pots when they get this size, (about 2 months old). They go in the water beds next. Bloom in about 9 months from seed planting. Water beds only work in the deep South unless you have them in a green house.
More people are using water beds in the North in their green houses. I plant my seeds in late July, they will bloom the following April-May. About 8 months. I live in South Mississippi, I can have mine outside as long as we don't get a lot of days in the lower 20's or colder for days. Has only happened twice in 20 years. Each pot gets one TBS of time release fertilizer, then treated with Snapshot to kill the grass.
My water beds are 8 X 8 feet. Each will hold about 200 trade gallon pots. Water about one inch deep. This bed has a plastic liner, one on my earlier beds.
Liner can be rubber or heavy black plastic, Rubber will last for years. Must be flat ground. Hold water about one inch deep.