Monday, May 28, 2012

Still getting a lot of double edges. Got both today..

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Got these today the gold one came from (ABILENE LORI X TRIBUTE TO LINDA) It's about 6.5 inches.

This one came from (PALACE GARDEN BEAUTY X JT-7659) . Has a lot of mauve in it. About 6 inches.  Oh well, tomorrow should be better.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Just got back from Hattiesburg, Ms. 14th Spring Regional.  Got these two today....T

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Another example of the changes in a seedling in one week. The odd thing is it will probably be totally different next year.  It takes about two years before a seedling will take it's final change, sometimes in the third year.
This is an example of how much a seedling will change in two weeks. That first bloom does not mean too much, especially in the 2nd year. I selected it because of color....tom
Sure looks pretty to see more blueish flowers.  There must be some blue there.

Only got 4 keepers today. Maybe it is coming to an end (seedling bloom). Since the first of April my days last all day. I am busier than a one arm paper hanger. I elected to get into Daylilies for some rest and relaxation in my golden years. I got more rest and relaxation when I worked. Hybridizing Daylilies is an insidious brain elapse.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Got these two today. The 201206A has a weird # because it was planted beside 06 early last year. This way I can find it. It is loaded with green. The double edge is from one of my seedlings and A.TOM'S MAGIC.
 I'm waiting on two women from Alabama to come buy seedlings, I told them come early, it's11:46. They must be on Red Neck time. Red necks watches are usually broke, we wear them to impress people. I have a knock-off Rolex. It won't run but I sure look sophisticated with it on. .....T

Tuesday, May 22, 2012



Got these today (22 May 2012) got 6 more besides these two. I keep trying to duplicate HERE LIES BUTCH.  I have not done it yet..I have some pretty nice things out of the TRIBUTE TO LINDA cross and Dr. Burton.


Monday, May 21, 2012

Don't you just love red eyes and edges. Sorta looks like how my eyes use to look every morning before I was grounded (got married). Got these today (21 May 2012). I have selected over 150 double edges to keep this year. I will probably bloom another 100, can't keep many more, many are heading for the compost pile..

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Got this one today (20 May 2012). That thing has more wrinkles than I do.  These wrinkled ones come from my this years intro ABILENE JOYCE'S WONDER.

ABILENE JOYCE'S WONDER (2012). Like Mama like son.


Got this one today also. Pink double edges are rare for me. Anything pink around me is surely welcome though...tom

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Is there anything any prettier than a red and white Daylily. I use to try to get these in my hybridizing, now I get them lots of times. This bright red comes out of my ABILENE LILLIAN. Now I want to reverse the colors, that would be "Cool" as my Grandson says.

I'm sure I will never tire of blue. It was a long time in coming to see a whole flower with blue pigments, not solid blue yet but I believe it's coming.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Got this one today out of (ABILENE DR. TERESA BURTON X TRIBUTE TO LINDA). Dr. Burton is my Daughter. She gets most of her good looks from me and a little dab from Joyce I suppose. It measures almost 7 inches.

This one was today also. I have been breeding blues for over 10 years to get the mauve out, in this one it's back with a vengeance. It comes from my favorite blue JT-7659, the pollen parent to most of my blues crosses. I think I planted about 60 seedlings from this cross (PALACE GARDEN BEAUTY X JT 7659).  I like PGB because it does not have the mauve. I think I have got about 15 keepers in the blue line. I always do long crosses sometimes even longer than 60. Later I will talk about a long cross of (royal purple seedling X TRIBUTE TO LINDA). I selected the purple seedling because it sets seeds probably better than 75% of the time. I really believe TRIBUTE TO LINDA is the prettiest Daylily I have ever seen, google it.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

 I'm back on blue, my wine is also blue...I just took a Sip..OK where was I.   I'm not sure we are getting the straight poop on this blue thing yet. I'm not saying this seedling has blue (bloomed today), I use it to get your observation below. This picture was copied straight out of my camera, no editing.  We keep saying there is no blue in Daylilies, is this factual is my question? I keep looking into this by my friend Google.

Look at below (Copied from

"It is interesting to note that particular daylilies like Stamile’s "Got the Blues" and Modavan’s "Piece of the Sky" have a definite blue color to the eye. What is different about the daylily eye? What must be done to transfer the blue color to the rest of the flower? Is it purely a matter of pigment concentration or is there more to it. Note, every daylily produced so far which has a definite blue eye produces both cyanidin and delphinidin flavonoids .We already have delphinidin and a blue color in part of some of the daylilies. Getting a blue daylily will be different from getting a blue rose. With roses it was a simple matter of transferring a gene for delphinidin into the rose. That produced a blue color. With daylilies, we are dealing with compounds, which modify the color of delphinidin".


 Found in


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Don't you just love double edge purple and white. This came from my JT-8068.

If people like you they will laugh at you jokes, if they don't like you they will claim to be insulted. You can't change that it's over there in Ecclesiasticals. It was put in there for people to get even with some body and not have to shoot them. Never try to explain why you didn't mean to insult them, they won't believe you and will choose to argue. When Noah's Ark first landed in Massachusetts, the people claimed to be insulted by the stinking boat and all the stinking animals  and what it would do to property values. Noah had to load up all the animals and strike out again. That's why the bible was written in Israel and not in Boston. That's about all I'm gonna talk about on that subject. There is no charge for this information, it's always free....Gotta go...tom

Monday, May 14, 2012

I read today where there is no blue in Daylilies. Is that really true? Seems like some blue to me. This is 3 different seedlings of mine. What color is this?..Gotta Go.....tom

Sunday, May 13, 2012

JT-2012134...9 May
JT-2012134.....13 May
Same flower 4 days later. Young seedlings have to practice awhile to decide what they want to look like.

Yesterday a lady drove up wanting to know if I still sold my seedlings. I reluctantly said yes. Thinking all the time I don't have time for this. I told her they were now $10 a bucket (10 month old seedling) or 3 for $25. She ask," I thought they were always $5 a bucket".  "Yes Mame that was when gas was $1 a gallon, now it's $4 a gallon". As she got to the gate to leave, with her one Daylily, with a little prodding on my part. She told me, "I'm on Social Security and I have to save my money to buy a $10 Daylily". Yes'um I'm saving mine too, as hard as I can... "What are you saving for, you already have all the Daylilies in the world". " Mame, I'm saving my money to buy me a 2012 Toyota Tacoma truck, fire engine red, V8, 4 door, like your $40,000 truck". One of the rocks she threw up when she left almost got me in the eye. I ducked the rest......tom

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

All three of these flowers are siblings. Daylilies genetics will always be a mystery.  Selected 16 today to be planted out of the water beds into the ground. This is three of them. So far this season I have selected 150 to be planted, about 1/2 way through with all the seedlings blooming. I planted approx. 600 double edge seeds.Why is this thing white around the bottom picture only?.....gotta go...tom

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Got this one today it's out of( Seedling JT-8068 X ABILENE TOM'S MAGIC). Seedling JT-8068 will be registered this year. Maybe at the 14th Spring Regional in Hattiesburg, Ms.. It will set a seed pod probably better than any other flower I own and is the pod parent of my best Double edges.


Got this one today it's out of (ABILENE DR. TERESA BURTON X TRIBUTE TO LINDA).  Dr. Burton is my daughter and just as pretty as I am.  It's about 7 1/2 across. I should bloom about 50 more seedlings from this cross. TRIBUTE TO LINDA (Petit) is surely a tribute to a great lady who went to be with the Lord, far  too early. When I look at her flowers a feeling of utter incompetence succumbs me.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


I got this bloom today on my JT-7659 seedling. I use this seedling a lot since it is the bluest thing I've gotten so far, in 8 years old of futility, it seems. I will bloom about 60 seedlings this year in my blue line. Many people say it will never happen and they just may be right. They also said I couldn't grow daylilies sitting in water, who knows. It comes mainly out of the blue Daylilies from Jack Carpenter, back crossing for about 10 years.. I use this seedling's pollen back on PALACE GARDEN BEAUTY and other seedlings of my blue line.  Lori Hankinson in Michigan is the only other person with this seedling. It will probably never be registered because it grows too slow for me. That could be because it is so hard dormant and I live on the coast in Mississippi. Be careful of blue Daylilies with blue foliage in the picture. In looking for true color go by the foliage more than the Daylily. If you have green foliage then it may look like the picture....Gotta Go...tom

JT-201279 (5.5 inches)

  Getting a lot of this type eye this year and have not figured out where it's coming from yet. Both parents are my own double edges. Haven't had time to go back past last years parents. As most know I may use just one double edge pollen parent all day.  If I get an outstanding new seedling I might collect it's pollen and  use it awhile. I find that I can't determine bud count or branching the first year. I have had both double once the plant gets established, maybe the third year. The reason I am improving in blogging is because I want to prove to Lee Pickles that a monkey can do this.

   Speaking of monkeys, I had an uncle on my Dads side that we kids  knew ONLY as Uncle Monkey. His over powering claim to fame was he could hold a knife with his toes, hold a stick with his toes on the other foot and whittle, I know we were amazed too.  The other unbelivable thing was by the time he was 10 years old he could blow a perfect smoke ring. These are the kind of things that would  make any family clan feel especially blessed. Now you know,  but we don't like to toot our horn too loud.

Friday, May 4, 2012

What is the difference in the two pictures (other than I was not as close on the second one, I am slower than my full speed dashing days).  Hint they are the exact same flower,of course round as a bagel.. PICTURE TAKEN ABOUT 10 SECONDS APART. A seedling I selected last week.. The sun was behind a cloud on the first and popped out on the second shot. I was taking the picture because it is from my XXXXXXX and I wanted to show the intense color. (This is not a sales commercial, XXXXXXX sells great on it's own). I Xed it's name out, because somebody would get their bowls in an uproar. When my Aunt Rachel use to get her bowls in an uproar back home, they made her leave town until she overed it. I digress a tad too easy.
 When you want to show true color sometimes the full sun is best especially on the bright colors. Blog hints: Never try and save an unfinished blog , Your chances of getting it back would be greater if you sent it to Bernie Madoff to keep an eye on it for you. Your chances would be better sending it to my cousin Skeeter. He stays in jail so much his mail box is in his cell. Skeeter will steal anything he can pick up and run with. If it's too heavy he will lay down and put his arm around  and claim it. When the sheriff does his yearly budget they include Sheeter's room and board. There should be anti-digressing pills. I'm not through but I am at the bottom of the page and I'm afraid these blog people might get their bowls in an uproar.......gotta go anyway....tom

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Getting a lot of this color this year from all the blue things. We had a frog strangler of a rain last light. Got up this morning and Harley and Pearl were both in the boat with their life vest on. They are not very brave hearted, certainly don't live up to red neck dogs.. I think the older I get the older I'm getting. This morning I was sitting on the patio, just a swinging, we swing a lot down South, I was trying to call my doctor to change an appointment.  I hollered for Joyce that something was wrong with my phone. She came to me as a help-mate is supposed to and cleared my mind  that there was no way I was going to call a doctor with my camera. Their both black I need to paint one. That flower is pretty if I do say so. I love that color..It's about 9 months old and already getting into a Motherly way , seed pods..gotta go...tom

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

This flower is quite different than most of my double edges. ( I got 8 more DEs today). The edge is scalloped. That happens rarely. I hit something to make everything disappear and had to start over, one problem, I don't have a clue what I hit. I (with Joyce's help) decided to make the writing bigger. I totally amaze myself at how trainable I am (With Joyce's help) at blogging . My memory is so bad I'm like a goose, I wake up in a new world every day. She is very smart but lacking a bit in spotting suspect sources of information. My Mother warned her she could do better, but I told her my Mother has slight dementia, she believed me, that might have been the last time that happened...Gotta Go....tom 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I got this one today 5/2/2012 and 10 others. It comes from my TOM'S MAGIC. It's about 5 inches and 24 inches tall. Since I mostly do double edges that's about all I bloom. I crossed a purple to TRIBUTE TO LINDA , it has a lot of white. So far every seedling has been purple. I mostly wanted to see if I could get TTL's green edge on purple. No dice so far.  Bed time, gotta go.