Saturday, May 19, 2012

Is there anything any prettier than a red and white Daylily. I use to try to get these in my hybridizing, now I get them lots of times. This bright red comes out of my ABILENE LILLIAN. Now I want to reverse the colors, that would be "Cool" as my Grandson says.

I'm sure I will never tire of blue. It was a long time in coming to see a whole flower with blue pigments, not solid blue yet but I believe it's coming.


  1. That would be cool to reverse...I have one of your seedlings with the red & more yellow...what a cheery bloom...always makes me smile.
    LOVE LOVE that second seedling also ...must be out of your JT7659...?? What is its number??

  2. The blue one is (PALACE GARDEN BEAUTY X 7659). Palace G B is a very good pod parent. I will sell on the auction, most of the 230 seedlings I have selected this winter....T