Wednesday, May 9, 2012

All three of these flowers are siblings. Daylilies genetics will always be a mystery.  Selected 16 today to be planted out of the water beds into the ground. This is three of them. So far this season I have selected 150 to be planted, about 1/2 way through with all the seedlings blooming. I planted approx. 600 double edge seeds.Why is this thing white around the bottom picture only?.....gotta go...tom


  1. Very nice seedlings...sounds like alot of holes to dig for all of these lovely "selected" ...I hope you aren't making Joyce do all the hard work. So half way thru your seedling blooms....
    I had my first offical bloom on a in ground grown daylily on an oldey named ORANGEMAN...
    Holy Cow...that usually happens in June...keep on blogging;)

  2. Thanks Lori, I hope to get 200 keepers this year (out of a 1000). Wow last year I only kept about 50. I have some real good pod parents now, that is a must. We are about a month ahead.....T