Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Got these two today. The 201206A has a weird # because it was planted beside 06 early last year. This way I can find it. It is loaded with green. The double edge is from one of my seedlings and A.TOM'S MAGIC.
 I'm waiting on two women from Alabama to come buy seedlings, I told them come early, it's11:46. They must be on Red Neck time. Red necks watches are usually broke, we wear them to impress people. I have a knock-off Rolex. It won't run but I sure look sophisticated with it on. .....T


  1. T....that 201206A is loaded with green.I'm "green with envy"..I'm still pondering your A after the #...I think my Northern brain isn't following;(
    Seedling 233 has that triple edge & love the "star" in the eye!! NVery pretty!!
    Hope your "Alabama gals" show up before midnite!!

  2. They didn't show Lori. The 06 was planted in the side of the bed last year, next to 201206 this year. So I guess they are twins for the time being. I get lots of triples this year. The next seedling will be 236, can't imagine that many pretty flower, vast majority is double and triple edges. 7:15 gotta head for the seedling beds...T