Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Got this one today it's out of( Seedling JT-8068 X ABILENE TOM'S MAGIC). Seedling JT-8068 will be registered this year. Maybe at the 14th Spring Regional in Hattiesburg, Ms.. It will set a seed pod probably better than any other flower I own and is the pod parent of my best Double edges.


Got this one today it's out of (ABILENE DR. TERESA BURTON X TRIBUTE TO LINDA).  Dr. Burton is my daughter and just as pretty as I am.  It's about 7 1/2 across. I should bloom about 50 more seedlings from this cross. TRIBUTE TO LINDA (Petit) is surely a tribute to a great lady who went to be with the Lord, far  too early. When I look at her flowers a feeling of utter incompetence succumbs me.


  1. JT-2012122 is so pretty and delicate with a version of my favorite 'Edges - no eye' look. I hope you give it some good chances to carry on this trait. The stamens are such an important part of the flower's beauty.
    Diane, Riverbank, Ladner

  2. Thanks for the kind words. I have a lot of edges no eyes....T

  3. That is one of the most beautiful daylilies I have ever seen.

    1. Thank you Di. Old 77 year old men surely need nice free complements. We usually have to pay somebody to be this nice. >~)......T

  4. Your shown seedlings are impressive...Question....
    So each seedling shown...the first name is the pod parent &
    you used next name as pollen ....right?
    Do you ever reverse the same match...like ADTBxTTL to TTLxADTB
    It appears to me that TTL is adding size & bigger ruffle to ADTB..
    Did you happen you use TTL pollen onto Abilene Jasmine? or reverse?? FUN!!!

    1. Lori I can't get TTL to set seed. Maybe others has had more luck. Your right the flower that has to go through seed birth, is always first. I am putting TTL on ABILENE PINK LADY this year, it is about 7 inches and a heavy clear pink. PL will set set seeds sometimes. I never put it on JASMINE might try that thanks Dear....T

  5. T...That's a great idea to put pollen of TTL on ABILENE PINK MA MA...APMM is a very full figured lady even in the TUNDRA;)
    Actually, I keep calling her ABILENE BIG MA MA by mistake...;)
    more FUN!!!!