Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sure looks pretty to see more blueish flowers.  There must be some blue there.

Only got 4 keepers today. Maybe it is coming to an end (seedling bloom). Since the first of April my days last all day. I am busier than a one arm paper hanger. I elected to get into Daylilies for some rest and relaxation in my golden years. I got more rest and relaxation when I worked. Hybridizing Daylilies is an insidious brain elapse.


  1. scared me when you said it is coming to the end!! ;)
    A couple more beauties...if you run out of "room" for your record # of keepers...
    They could head up North to my garden;)
    Although, we are in the 90's today...ugh!!
    Have fun at your region 14 fling!!!L;)

  2. I had my neighbor kid clean out a last years bed yesterday afternoon. I got room again, for about 60 to 75 more. I will go to the Regional tomorrow, it actually started today but I'm not envolved until tomorrow night. I go but I don't stay very long, got too much going on here. I have a record # of seed pods also. I plant what I want and give away the rest to buyers. I refuse to throw away seeds. There could be a real winner in some of them...keep your powder dry Dear...T

  3. Rats(on finding more room;)....Keep count of your seed pod record too..I have been trying to keep my powder dry...among "other" things....grrrr....!!!L;)

  4. I'm getting tired of cataloging new seedlings...T