Sunday, May 6, 2012


I got this bloom today on my JT-7659 seedling. I use this seedling a lot since it is the bluest thing I've gotten so far, in 8 years old of futility, it seems. I will bloom about 60 seedlings this year in my blue line. Many people say it will never happen and they just may be right. They also said I couldn't grow daylilies sitting in water, who knows. It comes mainly out of the blue Daylilies from Jack Carpenter, back crossing for about 10 years.. I use this seedling's pollen back on PALACE GARDEN BEAUTY and other seedlings of my blue line.  Lori Hankinson in Michigan is the only other person with this seedling. It will probably never be registered because it grows too slow for me. That could be because it is so hard dormant and I live on the coast in Mississippi. Be careful of blue Daylilies with blue foliage in the picture. In looking for true color go by the foliage more than the Daylily. If you have green foliage then it may look like the picture....Gotta Go...tom


  1. I'll kept you posted on blooms on my 7659
    My plants are looking great...must LOVE the Tundra;)

  2. The blue one has a much bigger scape this year and more buds and branching. Some Daylilies are not full grown until 3 to 5 years old....T