Thursday, May 17, 2012

Got this one today out of (ABILENE DR. TERESA BURTON X TRIBUTE TO LINDA). Dr. Burton is my Daughter. She gets most of her good looks from me and a little dab from Joyce I suppose. It measures almost 7 inches.

This one was today also. I have been breeding blues for over 10 years to get the mauve out, in this one it's back with a vengeance. It comes from my favorite blue JT-7659, the pollen parent to most of my blues crosses. I think I planted about 60 seedlings from this cross (PALACE GARDEN BEAUTY X JT 7659).  I like PGB because it does not have the mauve. I think I have got about 15 keepers in the blue line. I always do long crosses sometimes even longer than 60. Later I will talk about a long cross of (royal purple seedling X TRIBUTE TO LINDA). I selected the purple seedling because it sets seeds probably better than 75% of the time. I really believe TRIBUTE TO LINDA is the prettiest Daylily I have ever seen, google it.


  1. T...I think Joyce added alittle more than a dab to Teresa's good looks....Wow 7"...nice edge!
    And look at all that blue tones in the eye area
    of the 2nd seedling out of JT7659...NICE!!

  2. Every one who sees 7659 want to know when it will be released, maybe never, grows slow down here. Only two people have it. JT 7659 is the best pollen parent for blues on the planet, bar none..T