Sunday, May 27, 2012


Got these today the gold one came from (ABILENE LORI X TRIBUTE TO LINDA) It's about 6.5 inches.

This one came from (PALACE GARDEN BEAUTY X JT-7659) . Has a lot of mauve in it. About 6 inches.  Oh well, tomorrow should be better.


  1. Tommy,
    The gold with green trim will certainly be on my 'want' list. And if tomorrow is better, I'm going to turn green myself.
    Diane Kehoe,
    Riverbank, Delta, BC, Canada

  2. Tom,
    I am sure glad that your flowers are prettier than you are. I see that Linda is helping you even from a distance . . . anyway, someone is helping you.
    Lee Pickles
    Chattanooga Daylilies

  3. TRIBUTE TO LINDA is becoming one of my best pollen parents. It sure puts green on most things. T To L has the biggest green edge I have ever seen on a daylily. I also have had some success from Jeff S. ARTS AND CRAFTS for green edges... Thanks folks...T