Friday, May 4, 2012

What is the difference in the two pictures (other than I was not as close on the second one, I am slower than my full speed dashing days).  Hint they are the exact same flower,of course round as a bagel.. PICTURE TAKEN ABOUT 10 SECONDS APART. A seedling I selected last week.. The sun was behind a cloud on the first and popped out on the second shot. I was taking the picture because it is from my XXXXXXX and I wanted to show the intense color. (This is not a sales commercial, XXXXXXX sells great on it's own). I Xed it's name out, because somebody would get their bowls in an uproar. When my Aunt Rachel use to get her bowls in an uproar back home, they made her leave town until she overed it. I digress a tad too easy.
 When you want to show true color sometimes the full sun is best especially on the bright colors. Blog hints: Never try and save an unfinished blog , Your chances of getting it back would be greater if you sent it to Bernie Madoff to keep an eye on it for you. Your chances would be better sending it to my cousin Skeeter. He stays in jail so much his mail box is in his cell. Skeeter will steal anything he can pick up and run with. If it's too heavy he will lay down and put his arm around  and claim it. When the sheriff does his yearly budget they include Sheeter's room and board. There should be anti-digressing pills. I'm not through but I am at the bottom of the page and I'm afraid these blog people might get their bowls in an uproar.......gotta go anyway....tom

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