Thursday, September 18, 2014

ABILENE DASHINGLY HANDSOME (2014). Number 1. They are listed alphabetically.  My prettiest yet in a tie with ABILENE PIRATE'S EYE.
ABILENE GLOBAL WARNING (2014). Number 2.  (ABILENE SUNRISE X RED FRIDAY). also pod fertile.
ABILENE GREEN AS A GOURD (2014). Number 3. My greenest yet and pod fertile.
ABILENE IDA'S DREAM (2014). Number 4 . Named after a sweet lady Ida Flynn,  from Alabama.
ABILENE LILLIAN'S BABY (2014). Number 5. Selected because it grows fast and most of all a good pod parent. Looks a lot like ABILENE LILLIAN (daddy).
ABILENE LILLIAN'S DAUGHTER (2014).  Number 6. Picked because it grows very well and is good pod parent.
ABILENE MAN OF WAR (2014). Number 7 This flower was selected not as much as for it's looks but a GREAT pod parent for double edges
                                            ABILENE PIRATE'S EYE (2014).   Number 8
                                               ABILENE SQUINT (2014). Number 9
                                 This is ABILENE THE ORANGE ONE (2014). Number 10