Thursday, September 18, 2014

ABILENE MAN OF WAR (2014). Number 7 This flower was selected not as much as for it's looks but a GREAT pod parent for double edges

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  1. Thanks Tommy, You may have added in 'Abilene Man of War' to the 2014 list mainly for its ability to pass on double edges to its kids, but I think it's my favorite for its slightly relaxed look. It's not so formal as some of the others because of the lighter mid-rib that seems to give movement to the flower that swings along with the
    soft ruffled petals. The quality of movement is seen more often in Spiders and some of the unusual forms but it combines beautifully here with the formal double edge pattern. I'm really looking forward to seeing the seedlings you have created from this interesting parent.
    Diane Kehoe
    Riverbank, Ladner, BC, Canada