Thursday, May 3, 2012

Getting a lot of this color this year from all the blue things. We had a frog strangler of a rain last light. Got up this morning and Harley and Pearl were both in the boat with their life vest on. They are not very brave hearted, certainly don't live up to red neck dogs.. I think the older I get the older I'm getting. This morning I was sitting on the patio, just a swinging, we swing a lot down South, I was trying to call my doctor to change an appointment.  I hollered for Joyce that something was wrong with my phone. She came to me as a help-mate is supposed to and cleared my mind  that there was no way I was going to call a doctor with my camera. Their both black I need to paint one. That flower is pretty if I do say so. I love that color..It's about 9 months old and already getting into a Motherly way , seed pods..gotta go...tom

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  1. Love that raspberry color you get on your seedlings ....keep spreading that pollen!! Too funny about the twins...Glad to hear you are still A swinger;)