Sunday, May 20, 2012


Got this one today (20 May 2012). That thing has more wrinkles than I do.  These wrinkled ones come from my this years intro ABILENE JOYCE'S WONDER.

ABILENE JOYCE'S WONDER (2012). Like Mama like son.


Got this one today also. Pink double edges are rare for me. Anything pink around me is surely welcome though...tom


  1. Abilene Joyce's Wonder & Son are beauties ...
    those edges are HUGE.
    JT2012210- love it!! would it be considered a triple edge? it has the darker raspberry line VERY NICE...L;)

  2. Your right I never noticed that. I got quite a few this year that could be considered triple edge. I don't know where the pink came from though. This flower means I have kept 210 so far.WOW...tom