Sunday, May 6, 2012

JT-201279 (5.5 inches)

  Getting a lot of this type eye this year and have not figured out where it's coming from yet. Both parents are my own double edges. Haven't had time to go back past last years parents. As most know I may use just one double edge pollen parent all day.  If I get an outstanding new seedling I might collect it's pollen and  use it awhile. I find that I can't determine bud count or branching the first year. I have had both double once the plant gets established, maybe the third year. The reason I am improving in blogging is because I want to prove to Lee Pickles that a monkey can do this.

   Speaking of monkeys, I had an uncle on my Dads side that we kids  knew ONLY as Uncle Monkey. His over powering claim to fame was he could hold a knife with his toes, hold a stick with his toes on the other foot and whittle, I know we were amazed too.  The other unbelivable thing was by the time he was 10 years old he could blow a perfect smoke ring. These are the kind of things that would  make any family clan feel especially blessed. Now you know,  but we don't like to toot our horn too loud.


  1. Seedling 201279 is a winner...
    I sure wish our family had a Uncle Monkey;)

  2. My Uncle Monkey could put away a pint of moonshine and you would never know he had a drink....T