Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Don't you just love double edge purple and white. This came from my JT-8068.

If people like you they will laugh at you jokes, if they don't like you they will claim to be insulted. You can't change that it's over there in Ecclesiasticals. It was put in there for people to get even with some body and not have to shoot them. Never try to explain why you didn't mean to insult them, they won't believe you and will choose to argue. When Noah's Ark first landed in Massachusetts, the people claimed to be insulted by the stinking boat and all the stinking animals  and what it would do to property values. Noah had to load up all the animals and strike out again. That's why the bible was written in Israel and not in Boston. That's about all I'm gonna talk about on that subject. There is no charge for this information, it's always free....Gotta go...tom

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  1. Is that a first bloom? I love it! I hope it stays around for a while.