Saturday, June 2, 2012


These  pictures were made about 10 minutes ago, one of todays selections from the water bed. One in bright sunlight one in the shade. Seedling JT-2012280. It is out of my blue hybridizing line.  If this flower were to ever make it to introduction which would be the PROPER picture to use # 1 or  #2? I don't have a clue. Neither picture was changed in any way, straight out of the camera. It looks like #1 in the sun and #2 in the shade. ???


  1. Tommy, What color do you see when looking at the flower? Sun or shade? Probably neither or a little of both?

    The camera's white balance needs to be set for both situations, sun or shade. The camera can only do what you instruct it to do. Learn how to set the camera's white balance and you will get much different results.

  2. Folks to me I see the #2 picture in the shade. My question for years has been, what color is a Daylily? one taken in sun or shade. Seems to me both...What do I know...T

  3. That is a problem for people who take photos....& people who purchase by photos only...should the true color of a Daylily be the one seen by the human eye, which in turn is translated by the brain...even that can differ....
    I GOT NOTHING!! I just enjoy what I see or think I see!!;)

  4. Lori my question has always been: "Is the color of a Daylily the shade color or the sun color?....T