Friday, June 1, 2012

This was yesterdays bloom of this flower. When I posted yesterday I picked the bloom from day before. Notice the two blooms before this one of this flower. One was shaded the other not shaded. Which is the true color? Pollen on it again from it's pod parent ABILENE LILLIAN.
This flower is a blue I got this year from my blue line.  I think I planted about 60 from this cross, ( PALACE GARDEN BEAUTY X JT-7659). The mauve color is less in this one and more blue dominating the petal. Eventually I should get one with all the mauve gone. You have to be persistant and somewhat leather headed  to hybridize. I have one from this year with more blue than this one.


  1. So which photo of seedling 182 is the closest to the true color? I love how A. Lillian shares her rich colortone!
    I really love 198...everytime I study it...there's more I love about it...hope it becomes a future intro;)

  2. It's according to if it's cloudy or sunny as to true color of a Daylily. I have never seen this discussed by AHS. 198 must do many things to get introduced, grow well, set seed, get prettier in second and third year.