Saturday, April 21, 2012

21 April 2012

                                JT201220                                                 This is three I got today. I still have not figured where to type




  1. Love them Tommy...I thought you had mentioned this is a "talking" blog that your son set up...
    but I keep waiting to hear your southern gentleman wisdom,but I don't hear nothing.

    1. I probably did mention it that way. I see what you are talking about now. Seedlings are just starting to bloom. I haven't bloomed 1 % yet. I hope this is a good omen, Lori...............t

  2. Hey Tommy, these are looking good! We are still waiting up here in VA (no scapes to speak of yet), so it is wonderful to look at yours.

    For me, I found that uploading my pictures to a draft post and then typing what I want to say on another post (two windows open) works better to arrange my typing. So, I'll say what I want...then, I'll copy and post my photo, repeat until I'm done...that way I can better place them. Then, I'll just save those photos in the draft one as a draft. You can use the photo draft one to upload again and again. You could also 'cut' them, but should you mess up or whatever, you might have to upload the photo again.

    Hope this makes sense. Take care now...


    1. It makes enough sense to try it tomorrow. Why didn't I think of cut and paste. I know why, 77 year old men are not to bright at ideas. Oh well Joyce says I'm bright enough for her, that's all that counts....t

    2. Thanks for realizing I meant paste...haha. And, Tommy, it took me a while to figure out, too. You can play with the sizes of the photos that you upload (sm, med, lg) and also where to place them (center, right, and left).

      That's about all I know, though. I looked at your new ones and they look good!