Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I figured if I was going to post on my blog, I would include one of my projects that has been going on for about 8 years: Lee's blogging is very profession looking compared to mine but he is much older than I am so I will catch up in time. As you can see I am still working on blue.

I learned something from Richard Garrin yesterday. He suggested I put my description on the  Label Editor . This is my first try. If I fail it's not his fault because his site is great. Here I'll show you. This is from Richard Garrin

"I am  promoting our R15 Summer meeting . Check out my redneck wisdom section at the top of the page. Here’s the link http://hemposter.blogspot.com/ . Here in the NC hills our neck runneth red! And we’re proud of it."

This is a good site to see how Richard use the Label Editor to do his descriptions of the pictures.

The flower I'm showing is my best so far for hunting the elusive blue flower. It comes from PALACE GARDEN BEAUTY line breeding for five years and a seedling of mine. The next picture is the same flower two years later. Here goes.


This is the same seedling 2 years later. I use pollen from this seedling on all my blue seedlings and will bloom about 75 seedlings from this flowers pollen this year...I believe if you are going to line breed you must do long crosses.. I had one seedling bloom already with some blue but not good enough to keep... I do believe the blue daylily is possible but it may take years of line breeding to do in, my mind. Breed out everything that is not blue, there I said it..PALACE GARDEN BEAUTY has some of the best looking actual blue  it seems to me..I have used BLUE GRASS MUSIC in these crosses also.. I know of course the nay-sayers are going to say none of it is blue. Oh well it looks like there is blue in it to me and that's that counts. This flower will bloom  it's first bloom this year tomorrow. It seems to change every year. It it changes I'll show you... I believe it may take a seedling at least three years or longer to settle down to it's final version. I have had large bud counts and branching change a tremendous amount larger in later years. Good nite Gladys...


  1. Great job Tommy...Very professional post...I got alittle worried when your usual post time came & went...was hoping you were going to get back on the Horse(blog). My JT7659 wintered the Tundra great(but not our typical MI winter)...
    hoping for my 1st bloom this season...will be fun to see your blue flower here in the North. ;)

  2. Hi Lori that seedling is not a fast multiplier, one reason I never considered introducing it. It may do better up on the tundra with you, since it is so dormant. You have the only piece of it that has ever left my yard. I believe the blue Daylily will come someday. It may take 10 or more years of line breeding to breed out every thing not blue. Be sure and hybridize with it. It also sets seeds down here....T

  3. Can't wait to see your 'blue babies' - blue or not. Some of the lovliest flowers grown are not the blooms their hybridizer planned. Love your blog so far. Please keep it coming.