Monday, April 30, 2012


This is about what a lot of my double edges look like right now. Not too hot UUUGH. I got some good ones today but a little problem. I'm sure  my Son and Grandson can figure out.  My Son installed Microsoft 7, when he bought us a new computer and when I download pictures from my camera, the computer puts them in a folder by date, rather than list them in the graphics. I can't get to them yet but he will come back and work that out I'm sure. My Son and Grandson are computer guru working for the power company. I'm a yard guru. I build, I dig, do electrical work, plumber, churner, pretty fair cook.I  do a little fortune telling on weekends, the bulb is out in my crystal ball so I need to get that fixed , without a bulb I can only read Red Neck mind . Grow Daylilies and threaten two big German Shepherds all day. They don't mind very well but my German is not what it was in my younger days stationed in Germany. My Mother told me not to marry a German while I was over there since the babies would come into the world speaking German and none of the family could communicate with them. That would be a bummer at birthday parties.. Language come from the female genes, you may not know that so be sure and write it down. Lots of these tidbits can help you in later life I'm sure. You better file them away I'm 77 you know and they are free, RIGHT NOW...GOTTA GO


  1. I love the different looks you get on your double edged seedlings....hoping for more photos soon.....I could use MORE of your free wisdom too. ;)

  2. The only reason it is free is because so far no one has offered to pay. Never make fun of a woman with a mouth full of snuff. The Mississippi State women's snuff spitting record is 46 feet. Never date a girl that out weighs you and can beat you in arm wrestling. One of my cousins now has the world record in being beamed up to a flying saucer, eight times. I don't know how to spell check yet on this blog.