Friday, April 27, 2012

Does this have any blue? What is this strange color, I'm getting a lot of these this year. Maybe it has no blue but it came from blueish (sp) parents. I don't know, men don't have clash genes, we can't tell if our shirt clashes with our socks. I'm not sure we even know what clash means. I don't see anything wrong with green pants and purple socks, but my little sweetie does. Yawl must admit my blogging is getting better or is the reason I get few praises is because I'm getting worse. One more picture and I'm gone for the night....TA- DA. I had another picture I screwed around trying to move it and I lost it. God only knows where it went

1 comment:

  1. Tommy - keep pluggin' away because you ARE getting better. On my monitor I don't see a color clash but I don't see blue either. The eye looks like a port wine purple to me.