Sunday, May 13, 2012

JT-2012134...9 May
JT-2012134.....13 May
Same flower 4 days later. Young seedlings have to practice awhile to decide what they want to look like.

Yesterday a lady drove up wanting to know if I still sold my seedlings. I reluctantly said yes. Thinking all the time I don't have time for this. I told her they were now $10 a bucket (10 month old seedling) or 3 for $25. She ask," I thought they were always $5 a bucket".  "Yes Mame that was when gas was $1 a gallon, now it's $4 a gallon". As she got to the gate to leave, with her one Daylily, with a little prodding on my part. She told me, "I'm on Social Security and I have to save my money to buy a $10 Daylily". Yes'um I'm saving mine too, as hard as I can... "What are you saving for, you already have all the Daylilies in the world". " Mame, I'm saving my money to buy me a 2012 Toyota Tacoma truck, fire engine red, V8, 4 door, like your $40,000 truck". One of the rocks she threw up when she left almost got me in the eye. I ducked the rest......tom


  1. I'm glad to hear your reflexes are still sharp!!
    Seedling 2012134 is fine looking on both days...
    however, doesn't it make you wonder how many (future) beautiful Daylilies that have been composted .. remember me looking into your compost area...& just about crying...;(

  2. Tommy, ROTFLMAO! That was a great story, as are they all. Fabulous seedling, & yes, aren't they fussy about how they want to present themselves. Anna

  3. Tommy, I must be a rare one because I love the May 9th picture. To me the form is just perfect.